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Is your Heart Pulling you towards Horses?

If you answered "YES" then you need to listen to your wise heart! Wanting to be with horses is a yearning that comes from your own spirit deep inside. This is your beginning to come home to yourself. Your Horse Journey will be so much more than just to "pet a horse"! Your journey to yourself will fill your heart through horse magic!

Can you receive a Spiritual Connection through Horses and Nature?


You can get in touch with your own heart and soul through horses.

You can find true happiness from within and keep this feeling.

The horses, here at Horse Journey, will show you your path!

Horse Journey will take on your journey to yourself. Horses will open your heart so you can connect to your soul. This will help you get a better relationship with yourself and others. Find your purpose and joy! Your host and guide, Karin Bauer's specialty is working with persons like you, who are searching for a solution-focused, life changing, and lasting transformation. Get past old, stuck issues, once and for all! Karin can help you to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Healing through Horses
  • Intuition & Creativity
  • Personal Growth

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