Monthly Archives: January 2011

Winter Riding: Indoors or Outdoors?

We just got back from a holiday in Maui.  Itching to get back on the horses and give them a workout, we decided to saddle up last Saturday, despite the heavy snowfall.  The snowflakes were dancing from the sky in thick, large wads and it wasn't going to let up. The temperature at +5 degrees…
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What’s in the stars for Link and Rollie?

Happy New Year everyone! Now that it's a new year, just for fun I looked up our horses' Link and Rollie's astrological signs. Not that I'm a great big believer in astrology, but I was curious. So here are their signs: Link (born July 25, 2003) is a Leo.  Rollie (born May 27, 2004) is a Gemini.   Curious…
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