Monthly Archives: June 2012

Do your own Rules serve YOU?

The horses brought up this great theme for me today: Can you challenge your own RULES? What rules that you make for yourself actually serve you, personally? What rules of yours are outdated and no longer serve you or fit for you? How can you tell? How did this comes up? Lunging my horse Link I noticed…
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Cover Girl and her Horses!

Once again, I'm on the cover of Walking Horse News Magazine! I sent in this picture of our adventures at Timberridge Trails by Lumby. After playing on this big field at liberty, I sat in the grass and Link and Rollie stood by my side. It was a beautiful moment of feeling wonderfully connected to my…
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Horse Show Bliss!

Horse Show "Bliss". Really? Can it be that much fun? What is the alternative: Suffering from performance anxiety, self-imposed pressure, and nervous stress? I never knew it could happen to have this much fun at a show. I want to share with you that it is possible to be blissful while: - packing,- loading, - trailering, - grooming,…
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