Monthly Archives: November 2012


Today's theme is acceptance. Horses are very good at accepting themselves. They are who they are and they accept themselves. The question is: Can you accept yourself? All of yourself? What if we ... ...think more like horses? ...find a way to accept ourselves? ...stopped caring so much about what others think? ...simply accepted ourselves…
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Overcome your Obstacles!

How many obstacles are in your way right now? Do you feel sometimes there are just too many things to overcome or to tolerate? Well, here at Horse Journey we actually have gone out of our way to built obstacles! These obstacles are created to find ways to overcome fears, anxiety, uncertainty and indecision! Take a look! To…
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Dancing with horses!

Can you hear the music playing in your heart when you're with horses?  Karin dancing with Joey: "Connection" I got to dance with these beautiful horses with music recently! I can still feel the energy and hear the music in my heart... I was so thrilled to feel the connection, rhythm, and communication with these horses that I had…
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