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Welcome to Life & Relationship Advice from Horse!

Link is our resident Life Adviser.

Link is our resident Life Advisor.

Our resident Life & Relationship Advisor's name is "Link". The name fits him perfectly as he has linked many people to their deepest answers. Link is a pretty wise horse. He is also quite funny! You may write to Link and ask him for any current, relevant Life or Relationship Advice. I will read him your question and channel his intuitive answers back to you.

Your first question is free. (Link appreciates donations of $15 for each time he gives advice, which he spends on yummy hay and juicy carrots. Thank you! All donations are appreciated!)

Please keep your questions short and to the point, maximum 3 sentences! Link's answers are often profound, sometimes very funny, and may include horse wisdom, such as "my advice is you loosen the reins on your relationship" or "have you thought of asking your herd (family)?"  Link is quite clever, and he has given many people new insights and lightened the mood with his advice.

Have fun and enjoy!

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