Awaken YOUR LIFE Retreat outline

Basically, this could be your whole life make over in a radical, different, new way. Get out of your head, surrender your ego, check your motives, and submit to the way of the horse in an life altering, life changing way you never dreamed of having!!

Is it time to step up to your next level of personal development?

Have you tried different kinds of life coaching or counseling without enough big or any lasting results? Or had that catalyst missing to really get you over the edge into something amazing? Are you ready to really shake things up and really go out there and discover yourself?

This special offer of a complete Life Make Over is only for someone super committed.

We're going to knock your socks off!

It starts with a 3 day visit at Horse Journey. The horses Link and Rollie are highly attuned and trained for helping people get to the next level of consciousness. They will work on you and get you out of your old patterns pretty quickly.

You will be staying in a world class Farm Inn, in a secluded place. After your work with the horses to rock you off your stuck places, you will engage in 3 months of phone coaching.

You will be given assignments and homework to get you to move forward. You will submerse yourself in a journey that includes you, your relationships, live choices, changes, and more... the horses will guide you and continue to guide you. You will be asked to keep a dream journal, the horses will speak to you in your dreams and day to day life.

The horses also bring their horse ancestors to connect with you. Once  you have the honor to connect with them, you will have a whole new support and guidance group. You will find

This program gives you:

3 full days with Karin and the horses, full on life coaching

3 nights stay at Bo.ttega

3 months of coaching on the phone (12 times, 30 minute calls each)


For a total cost of $3,500

Limited to only a few clients per year!