Horse Camping at Timber Ridge Trails!

Just got back from horse camping with Link and Rollie! It was awesome! We went to a new camping place, called Timber Ridge Trails located outside of Lumby, BC, Canada. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. All set up with new paddocks for horses, individual camp sites, outhouses, and a covered area with picnic tables and an old wood cook stove. The rustic atmosphere put us into the western cowboy mood for sure! The trails are also absolutely gorgeous. We were able to do short and long rides.  We were provided a map and were able to follow marked trails on crown land. The three days we were there, we rode several different routes that had good footing, were not too steep and had wonderful lookout points. Darlene owns and runs the camp ground and if you want to contact her for more info, her number is 250-309-3544 or email Darlene at

Here are some wonderful pictures and memories of our adventures at Timber Ridge Trails!

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