A neat gift idea for the horse lover.

For my birthday in March I received a year's subscription to RFD TV. It's a live streaming and on demand video website with equine content, and now I can watch good horse videos nonstop!  High quality horse trainers from Pat Parelli to Ken McKnab, Clinton Anderson, Julie Goodnight, Craig Cameron, and more are all here showing their skill. Also of interest is Best of America on Horseback, which really gets me inspired to go horse camping soon! There are such scenic riding trails in America. Also interesting are the Equestrian Nation videos, showing horses in Europe. I love these videos! Tonight I think I'll watch the episode on Patrick Swayze's Arabians, and Roy Roger's last interview, "The King of Cowboys". Well, gotta go!  

The website is http://www.rfdtv.com/

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