Today's theme is acceptance.

Horses are very good at accepting themselves. They are who they are and they accept themselves.

The question is: Can you accept yourself? All of yourself?

What if we ...

...think more like horses?

...find a way to accept ourselves?

...stopped caring so much about what others think?

...simply accepted ourselves completely?


Too much in life is judged, or deems us as not acceptable they way we are or do things. Do we need all this approval from others? Or dare we be different? Dare we be who we are?

This picture shows me riding Link without a saddle or bridle. He is wearing a halter and a rope. Link is a strong horse. He accepts me on his back. I accept Link for who he is. Link is a trail horse and a therapy horse. We do not care about what others think about our dressage moves. Whether they say he's good at it or not, he does not care. I may not look perfect, collected or controlled, and I do not care. I enjoy what he is giving me, I accept who he is. So here we are in this moment accepting each other's movement together, flowing and feeling and enjoying. Through play and freedom to move, we are performing a beautiful dressage move without force or resistance -- we simply are in harmony and balance, accepting the moment, the freedom, the peace. This is what simple acceptance can do.

As I learn to accept my horses for who they are with all their different ways of being, I come to accept and appreciate myself more too. It's a beautiful dance with simple, sometimes remarkable, and always enjoyable results.

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