Announcements for Horse Journey!

Link and Rollie at Horse Journey
Link and Rollie at Horse Journey

Hello! I hope this newsletter finds you doing well. It sure has been a busy winter though I have missed spending time with our wonderful participants at Horse Journey when I take these winter breaks every year. We've had a ton of snow here in Kelowna but luckily the temperatures have not been too cold. In the meantime, Link and Rollie our resident therapy horses have had a great time playing in the snow! They run, play and roll in the white stuff and act like little colts! Such fun! However lately, they tell me they are getting ready for seeing clients again very soon. They do seem to like the company of humans and enjoy helping as much as I do!

Exciting News at Horse Journey!

  • The first exciting news is that two weeks ago I was interviewed for the Horse Collective Tele Summit. What is this Tele Summit? It is a series of interviews that highlight various Equine Facilitated Practitioners as we each teach a unique method or technique which we utilize in Equine Sessions. I was one of the chosen presenters and my recorded interview will be due out between March 7 and 18. I will notify you on how to access our wonderful interviews as soon as they are available! In the meantime, here's a link with more info and who the speakers are on the Tele Summit.
  • The other exciting news is that I've been invited to be a presenter at the next Healing with Horse Symposium held in Dallas, Texas! As some of you might remember, I attended last year's symposium in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Jenn Oikle started these wonderful symposiums three years ago, and I got to attend and I volunteer at last year's event. This is where I also offered my counseling tool, the Art Guidance Cards with great success. This year I've been invited by Diedre West, the new leader to not only offer the Art Guidance Cards but also to present a live workshop in Dallas! In this workshop I plan to demonstrate how Art Guidance Cards can be utilized with horses and clients in an Equine session. Maybe I'll see you at the symposium? If you're interested, May 27 - 29 are the Symposium dates. I'll be sharing more info as the event develops.
  • This winter I decided to follow my love of art. Making art is very therapeutic on so many levels. It has been a while since I created art work and decided this is the year to get back into it! I didn't have the space at my own home so I decided it's time to rent studio space at Ellis Art Studios. It's wonderful to be in the company of other professional artists! I guess the theme this year is to be in a collective in two areas of my professional life.
    Sunset Horses by Karin
    "Sunset Horses" by Karin

Intrigued by some of the newest art mediums currently on the market, I've jumped in and incorporated resins, glass and acrylics into abstract and expressive art work. Of course illustrations of horses have surfaced in these creations and they are quite expressive! If you're curious, come visit me at the art studio, or have a look at more of my art pieces in my Art Gallery

"Windy Tree" by Karin

"Windy Tree Horse" by Karin



When are we opening the paddock gate at Horse Journey again?

Rollie and Link waiting for treats!

Rollie and Link waiting at the gate.

"Where are you?" Link and Rollie are asking. Well, if the weather continues to be mild, and the snow melts quickly, we could be open early this year! At the moment the snow is melting rapidly, and that is good news! What is good footing for sessions in the arena? Mostly we need dry, solid footing. So if the footing is good, we will be ready for clients again and that could be some time in March. Whether you are a new or returning client, please send me a quick note of your intention for sessions this spring. This will help me organize my time and space more effectively for your Equine sessions! Thank you!

If you're new to Horse Journey Healing Center, please visit this link for info on our Equine program.

Wishing you a most wonderful horse journey,

Karin, Link and Rollie.

Karin, Link and Rollie.

Your Wellness Guide, Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW
Phone: 250-860-1964



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