Are you wrestling your Inner Gremlin?

2014 has been an interesting year so far already. So many changes, so much movement. When the year started, my motto was "There will be change - but don't panic!" I have had to hold on to this motto very strongly throughout many challenges. It has served me well as things always do work out. Most things start out looking grim yet often turn out to be nothing more than a new direction for the better. If we always knew with absolute certainty that it was going to work out, we would really have nothing to fret about! So, this year has been about staying in the moment, being present, and going with the flow.

This summer my personal goal was to go horse camping again at Lundbom Lake by Merritt, B.C. (yes it really is called Lundbom! LOL). It takes a few days to pack gear and food. Then we loaded the horses in the trailer. We were off to a good start! We dreamed of riding horses on the range where cattle grazes and cowboys sing by the campfire!

I drove the truck and horse trailer with my most precious cargo, Link and Rollie. We arrived safely and got set up at camp. Everything looked promising but on the first day we received some unexpected "bad news" from home. The next day we also awoke to a fierce wind storm and a bouncy, excited Rollie. Instead of packing it in, we stayed the course and decided to have no expectations. I stayed in tune with Rollie's and my own needs and was a strong leader. The rides, weather and camping experience turned out great! We returned happy, tired, and relaxed. We were ready to take on what was waiting for us at home. And the thing that initially seemed like "bad news" actually turned out to be fine.

Karin riding Rollie on the range in B.C.

Karin riding Rollie on the range in B.C.

As for Horse Journey, I've been stepping up my counseling and life coaching practice by realizing some long term goals. Lately I've been offering new group events (such as "Meditation with Horses for Insight"). Although I wasn't sure how things would turn out, I have been thoroughly enjoying all of these well attended group events. I've met so many wonderful people who attended!

Yes, even I, the experienced Life Coach have to wrestle with Inner Gremlins and Monkey Mind. You know those pesky inner thoughts that can throw you off your rails and create fear induced, imaginative blocks (and excuses!)? The more we want to try something out of our comfort zone, the more fear the mind seems to lock on to. As my great coaches, the horses have taught me these negative thoughts are only self-imposed obstacles that need and can be conquered with the right approach, support and attitude! Actually, it's so lovely to be a little bit out of my comfort zone because that is where the most learning occurs!

I want to encourage you to try something that is just a little bit out of your comfort zone today. Something that allows you to just stretch a little bit. Listen as your Inner Gremlin squawks and your Monkey Mind chatters away. Then, go ahead and do what you know you need to do to grow, move forward, and thrive!

And for heaven's sake, don't beat yourself up after you've done something brave. There's nothing worse than the perfectionist critic to squelch your joy, fun and pride. Life really is a journey, so enjoy it! This moment IS PERFECT.

So if you're ready to bounce, jump, leap over your next obstacle, then perhaps you might find my upcoming workshop a great place to start.

Upcoming Workshop!

"Boundary Dance with Horses" Workshop

Are people stepping on you? Do you have a hard time saying "no" and enforcing it? Would you like to read subtle signs of other's boundaries? Are you tired of feeling blocked or holding yourself back?

We've got the perfect event for you! Here at Horse Journey, we are now offering a workshop called "Boundary Dance with Horses". I would like to personally invite you to join us!

What will you gain from Boundary work with horses?

  • learn what your boundaries are
  • self-expression and healing
  • empowerment and communication techniques
  • stronger leadership and closer relationships
  • horse guidance, wisdom and love

When: Saturday, October 18, 2014
Time: 10am - 4:30pm
Location: Horse Journey, 3155 Prospect Rd., Kelowna
Phone: 250 860 1964 Cell: 250 864 1964
Tuition: $250 (Lunch is included)

Pay here
Prepayment is highly encouraged to save your seat. Maximum 8 participants. Bring a friend and save $20 on tuition!

Excited participants at Horse Journey workshop.

Excited participants at Horse Journey workshop.

What others have said:

"Karin's intuitive ability to connect with the horses while prompting me with subtlety of questions was insightful and affirming. Her gentle, safe and clear approach demonstrated the method of Equine Facilitation to be such a powerful approach of release and healing. I was mesmerized by these majestic animals who allowed me to "BE" in their presence. The surroundings of nature and fresh air was a beautiful setting to experience this deep but playful connection." ~ Michelle

"Being an avid horse lover and owner, I was curious to know how Karin works with horses to help us heal. It was amazing how the horses' movements symbolized many aspects of my own life. It was like they were mirroring my current state of mind and thoughts. They clarified some of the emotions that were ”stuck” and reassured me that I’m headed in the right direction. I walked away with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction and some tools to continue moving forward." ~ Sue

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