Back to Basics: Passing my Rider Level 1&2 Exam

Last Saturday I took Link to do my Rider Level 1&2 practical and written exam. The examining instructor was Sandy Day from Lanyard Stables, Kelowna. Although I had taken my Level 1 Horsemanship course when I was still a teenager, many things have changed in the equestrian field since. I'm currently signed up to get certified with CanTRA, and having the Level 1&2 Rider level is a requirement. Well, I'm happy to report that I passed. Link was a good sport, even though the instructor asked us to "post the trot" -- Link is a gaited TWH, so he doesn't trot. I've never posted his gait, so that was a funny feeling to try it. Link likes the trotting poles, where he really picked up his legs and gave me a most beautiful canter right after. It was fun! I enjoyed the challenge and have decided to work on my next Rider level 3.




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