“Coaching Skills through Horse Wisdom” Course Review

I have returned from an amazing course in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA! I'm so thrilled to have had the privilege of personally meeting the facilitators of Equine Alchemy: Master Coach Lisa Murrell (left), Kathleen Barry Ingram (center bottom), and Susan Castaneda (center top). As well, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the horse coaches (Sadie, Sulley, and Jane), and the wonderful group of people who were participating in the course, what a beautiful community!

How I got There.

As I wrote in my January Horse Journey blog entry, my journey began as I won this course by entering a contest with my short story "How horses are your teachers". I shared my story aptly titled "The Missing Link" since that is my horse's name. Little did I know just how "linked" together we all are. Since I'm already working in the field of Equine Facilitated Personal Development, this course was particularly of interest to me and winning the contest couldn't have been more perfect!

Community is much like a Herd

At this course, it struck me immediately how important it was to experience 'healthy community building'. Every member of the community has something important to contribute. And as a community, we are much like a Herd of Horses. We learn from each other, we share and we feel each other's presence. In my journal I noted with much interest the "holding of sacred space of possibility" as a special concept to embrace. I resonated with this concept as it is very near and dear to my heart! This concept was demonstrated so wonderfully throughout the course.

Intuition and Awareness

I learned so many wonderful things at this course. We explored meeting the horses by doing a 'body scan' and journal the 'words, feelings, energy or images' that came to us intuitively. Once we finished this exercise, the facilitators shared information with us about each horse's history and personality. What touched me was that I actually seemed to have received some of the same information from each horse. This showed me once again how connected we can be when we tune in!

Horse Wisdom Applied

Another exercise we engaged in was each participant got to lead a horse with awareness. I led the same horse four times, each time with a different awareness: leading either with head or heart or gut, and lastly with an integration of all three. To my delight I was leading the Palomino horse Sadie, a lovely, wise mare (see picture), who had a special message for me as she very deliberately stopped three times in the exact same spot! I still get goosebumps when I think about it. I even had several dreams about Sadie in the following nights as she showed me something I needed to look at in my life. In fact, I'm still processing the lessons as they resonate deeply with more awareness each day. Well done, Sadie, thank you!


Great Reviews and Gratitude

The course was varied with wonderful teaching, group discussions, and experiential exercises with the herd. I appreciated the personal care and professional attention given to counselling/therapy/coaching concepts when applied with clients, as well as the intuitive and personal sharing from the facilitators. As a Counsellor/Life Coach offering services to my own clients, I definitely got to add more tools to my coaching toolbox of Equine Facilitated Coaching. I can't wait to share these new tools with my clients! Yes, I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested entering or already working this field! I am deeply grateful for this wonderful experience of being a participant of "Coaching Skills through Horse Wisdom". If you would like to learn more about Lisa Murrell, Master Coach of Equine Alchemy, please visit her website http://www.equinealchemy.com/  And, having read Linda Kohanov's books The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds, it was an honor for me to meet Kathleen Barry Ingram, who co-wrote books and co-created with Linda the Epona Apprenticeship programs. Kathleen's website is http://sacredplaceofpossibility.com/

Insights from my Horse Journey

It is amazing what is possible for us when we allow things to happen. Last year I wanted desperately to travel to New Mexico, "The Land of Enchantment" and when it didn't happen, I put it out to the universe; in my own little way 'holding the sacred space of possibility'. Much to my delight not long after I did that I was offered the opportunity to travel to this course!

Isn't this a beautiful picture of the New Mexico sky with Sulley, the horse coach standing in the corral? Anything is possible!
I will close this article hereby posing a question for you:

How will you hold the 'sacred space of possibility' in your life, today and for this year?

If you would like to explore Your Journey further...

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