Dancing with horses!

Can you hear the music playing in your heart when you're with horses?

 Karin dancing with Joey: "Connection"

I got to dance with these beautiful horses with music recently! I can still feel the energy and hear the music in my heart... I was so thrilled to feel the connection, rhythm, and communication with these horses that I had only just met. Dancing with horses is very inspiring, therapeutic and fun! I am sharing these pictures to inspire you to connect with a horse today!
(Photos courtesy of Diane Armitage. Horses are owned by Irene of Four Horse Healing.)

 "Hello new friend."

Karin dancing with Sugar: "In sync. Communication."

Karin dancing with Sugar: "Quiet Understanding"


Karin dancing with Joey: "Expressing Emotion"

Karin dancing with Sugar: "Rhythm"

Want to learn to communicate and dance your life dance with horses?

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