Do your own Rules serve YOU?

The horses brought up this great theme for me today: Can you challenge your own RULES?

What rules that you make for yourself actually serve you, personally?

What rules of yours are outdated and no longer serve you or fit for you? How can you tell?

How did this comes up? Lunging my horse Link I noticed I have certain rules, but I asked myself, do they always need to be there? I believe they did before, but I could tell by Link's behavior that some rules are now in need of some adjustment. He now understands me and my communication enough so I could relax more, whereas in other areas some rules need to stay strong. Why? I think it's because we're both growing in our relationship.  Thank you Link for pointing that out!

Now it's your turn... oh, and by the way, you can exchange the word "rules" for personal standards and boundaries. Have fun!!

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