Don’t fence me in…

Hi! It was a georgous spring day yesterday. Since moving to this property situated close to our horses, I've been eagerly waiting for a day like yesterday. I've been wanting to remove this old bit of wire fence in the back of the property.  I had gone out and purchased a wire cutter.  Now it was time to try them out! Armed with my new tool I went to the fence, and ready, aim,  and ... no go cut! That fence was not going to give! I tried and tried, and realized, that either the cutter is too weak, the fence too strong, or both. <sigh!> So I'm going to have to get a better tool and try again.

The plan is to put some electric fence posts and wire up, so I can bring the horses over and let them eat the grass. Before I do that, I have to remove any dangerous things. So, that's going to have to happen another day.  I can't wait to look out the window and see the boys munching away at the grass. It'll be like the good old times when I used to have my farm. If you have spring projects around horses have fun!

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