Equine Facilited Therapy workshop

I just returned from an amazing four-day workshop. It was held by Sue McIntosh at Healing Hooves in Cremona, Alberta. (Cremona is about an hour NW of Calgary). The workshop was titled: "The Healing Power of Horses" an Equine Facilitated Wellness Exploration.

I drove to Calgary last week and was lucky enough to have a good friend where I could stay overnight. By luck I also found someone I could carpool with to Cremona every day from Calgary. We shared our common interests and horse stories along the way, and had a wonderful time.

Once arriving at the workshop, we were greeted warmly by Sue McIntosh, the facilitator, Johanna Kalkreuth, the co-facilitator, and a number of cuddly cats and one happy dog. The Sue's herd of wise horses was in the paddock overlooking beautiful vistas of the foothills of Alberta, a truly magnificent, open view.

There were eleven of us participants, all from different walks of life with varied horse and counselling experiences. During the workshop we were given the chance to explore this new and growing field of working with horses and animals providing therapy (EFT and AAT), counselling (EFC), wellness (EFW), and horsemanship. We were able to learn and explore through experiential exercises and presentations. At the end I was able to come away with a vision and plan of action for pursuing this field further.

Through this workshop I learned that I'm definitely on the right track teaching lessons at Arion Farm and training horses and teaching horsemanship. I have a wealth of experience that seems to have been built perfectly toward working in this exciting field of EFT and horsemanship. I'm happy to continue offering other people a way to connect with their own horses as well.

My vision is to set up my own place to offer private and group sessions with my horses.  I'm just so excited to know I'm in the right place at the right time.

For further info on Sue McIntosh's workshops, please go to her website www.healinghooves.ca








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