February Bliss or Blues?

Okay, this winter has been dragging on a bit long now. Enough already with the snow and ice. The paddock is a skating rink. The roads iffy to ride on. The round pen is treacherous. How is a horse supposed to get some exercise around here? That's what Link and Rollie would say, if they could talk.

After another try today riding along the roads, finding that even just getting the horses out of the icy driveway is a challenge, we cut the attempt to ride, short. Returning to the barn luckily in one piece, we decided, it's time to let the horses go for a run on the snow covered field. Let them have their run and exercise there.

The horses had a fabulous time, and watching them pull off their show, we did too. It was amazing to see them leap in the air, run, buck, jump, and gallop, then with arched necks and extended trots, tails flying high, they snorted with delight! Oh it's good to be a horse! 

So on Tuesday I'm attempting a lesson with Rollie, our first one with this new instructor.  Can't wait, very excited! I'll report back on its outcome.

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