Horse Chiropractic Clinic

Rollie on a snowy winter day.We attended a horse chiropractic clinic last Sunday. It was cold in the arena as we huddled on chairs around a clip board and listened to the presentation. The presenter was a chiropractor, Elizabeth (Liz) E. who works on horses, humans, dogs and cats.  She also did a live presentation of assessing horses.

It was interesting to us because we've found our horse Rollie to be a little higher on one side of the croup than the other side. Liz said this is a very common condition she can treat. The saddle also seems to constantly slip to one side at the walk. And my knee is giving me pain. I thought it was the saddle and switched to a new saddle. The new saddle slips less but still does nevertheless. (neither saddles slipped on Link, so we are pretty sure it's Rollie's build).

After watching Liz work on a horse I'm pretty convinced that I'd like to try horse chiropractic on Rollie to see if the problem can be fixed. I will update the blog when this happens. Right now, it's pretty cold outside and the paddock and roadside are slippery. I want to make sure we can work on Rollie and ride him on safe footing to see if it's making the difference.

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