Horse Journey “Open House” a Great Success!

Summary of the Event

It has been a whirlwind of activity here at Horse Journey! I must say that all the preparations for the Open House on April 14th were definitely worth it! Despite the rain and cooler temperatures, we had a wonderful crowd of  interested people come out to the event. The weather even cooperated later and dare I say a little bit of sun showed up. Thank you all for coming and persevering with the weather!

It has been a pleasure to demonstrate and explain in more detail what "Equine Facilitated Personal Development" is and how it can help people. With the help of our wonderful volunteer Larissa Dean, I did a short sample session of what one might expect working with me, the coach/counsellor and the horses; in this case it was coach Rollie who assisted. Larissa commented before the exercise that she was feeling a little "frazzled" and "it's been one of those days". So we started the exercise with a grounding meditation, in which everyone was invited to participate. When Larissa entered the round pen to meet Rollie, she said her goal would be to find out "what to do next?" and she wasn't really sure what she should "do" with Rollie. After a while playing with Rollie, both seemed to reach an amazing conclusion: Rollie planted his feet solidly on the ground and stopped moving. His head hung low and relaxed. Larissa then said: "That's probably it... I'm not in need to "do" anything!" Rollie seemed to say: "It's okay not to worry about what's next. Just BE." What a cool conclusion to this exercise, from which I also came out feeling quite relaxed and peaceful. Beautiful, well done Larissa and Rollie!

I demonstrated a little dance with Rollie, where we communicated with "body language" and "intuition" without saying many words to Rollie. I invited everyone just to watch and see what would happen. Rollie and I have done dances together and we're very in tune with our non-verbal communication. It was lots of fun!

Another awareness exercise I demonstrated was showing the various layers of energetic boundaries we enter when working with a horse; in this case coach Link assisted. I approached Link from about eight metres away and slowly approached him while watching for any signs of crossing his energetic boundaries. He would respond by a subtle but noticeable blink of an eye, wiggle of an ear, or turn of the head when a layer of his space boundaries where crossed. If this would happen, I would stop walking, and even back up a step. It's a great exercise to show how we can also notice these subtle shifts in energy when approaching a person as well. Several guests watching this exercise commented that this is a great awareness building exercise whether you're in a business meeting, dealing with a friend, or a family member to notice personal boundaries.

Announcing the Winners of Prizes

Yes, we are giving away great door prizes! We drew three lucky winners of a FREE Equine Facilitated Personal Development session. Congratulations to the winners!
Fatima Correra
Lisa Neufeld
Anne/Sheree Morgenstern

Enthusiastic Responses from Guests at Horse Journey "Open House"

"Despite the cold weather, the experience of watching you work with Rollie and see the demonstration of his innate empathy and wisdom, warmed my heart.  I must confess that after the group meditation and then “tuning in” with Rollie I felt calmer and more centered than I have felt in ages.  What you and your horses are doing is truly amazing!  Thank you for the opportunity to see your program in action.  I will definitely recommend you to my clients and their parents.  Also if you are doing any workshops in the future, I would be very interested."
~ Mandy Tingey, Tanglewood Tutoring, Kelowna

"I enjoyed my visit and it was kind of the weather to cooperate with your demo.  Winston Churchill said: "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."  I think your plan to integrate counselling with horse contact is very interesting and I think that your horses are quiet enough to allow strangers to approach them and benefit from just "feeling their vibe".  I don't know of anything more relaxing than grooming horses, it was interesting to see Larissa 'let down' during the time she spent with Rollie."
~ Ralph Livingston, Professional Horse Trainer, Kelowna

Insights from my Horse Journey

What a wonderful experience it has been to share how passionate I am about my work.  Thank you all for your support and coming to this event. I am grateful to all my helpers, my partner Lisa Armstrong setting up and keeping everyone fed, Lorraine Meisner from Calgary for taking the marvellous photos and helping set up, and Larissa Dean for volunteering despite her busy day. A special thanks to Link and Rollie for greeting everyone and being the graceful coaches they are. Thank you! I love community building and sharing and I look forward to offering educational group presentations for EFPD in the future. Please inquire if you're interested!

If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

Questions, or interested in experiencing Equine Facilitated Coaching and Personal Development sessions in Kelowna? Please contact Karin Bauer, BSW, by calling 250-860-1964 or




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