Horses and Hearts – A Poem by Karin Bauer

Papa, I know one day, it will be alright.
I have this boss who tells me I must try hard and it's possible, going crazy I might.

What do I know, I'm just an apprentice, and so I will try, alright.
I can't believe how much this sometimes is a plight.

One day, my boss, he put me on this strong gray Arabian stallion, little did he tell me about him, oh my!!
I rode him as best I could, and told this stallion, let's be friends, his name was Ty.

Greatly I hoped that he would not put up a fight.
The stallion and as I, was young, but he must have felt my fright.

Because slowly we became closer and he let me ride around.
Until my boss said, you can stop doing a circle and cover more ground!

I did this trustingly and without any resistance.
Then my boss became more pushy and urged me with more persistence.

Yes, Papa, he gave me the order:
Take Ty the young stallion up the mountain, now ride him past the border.

Papa, I was just a young thing, I hoped he knew what he was talking about.
I didn't know how to say no, and thought the boss must have some clout.

Next thing I knew, I trusted this horse to carry me far.
All in one day, we trotted uphill, galloped on the trail and passed the bar.

The stallion and I returned sweaty, hot and puffy.
When my boss greeted me at the barn and said, congratulations, you tamed the toughie!

I asked him what he meant by that?
e laughed out loud, and said, you broke this young horse, and you tamed a difficult stud.

I couldn't believe it, I almost puked, I felt so betrayed.
I realized later, I could trust the horse more than the human, I was quite dismayed.

This horse, the grey stallion, his name was Ty.
I fell in love with him that day and we formed a close tie.

That day taught me lots about people, and even more about horses.
How horses are honest and gentle, and some humans are about deception and forces.

The boss, he was a scoundrel and eventually he had to leave town.
But years later my heart, this gentle horse Ty, will forever own.

Poem by Karin Bauer, June 27, 2011

The poem is based on a real story that happened in my life. I was 18 years old when I worked for this horse trainer. Ty, a temperamental stallion was introduced to me, I had no idea he had never been ridden before. I got on him as I was told to do by the careless boss, which could have ended in disaster. Instead Ty took care of me. To this day, as horses do, Ty has my heart. Take care, my friend.






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