How Horses are your Teachers: My entry won the contest!

I recently entered a wonderful short story contest. The theme was: "How Horses are Your Teachers". The theme fits with my own horse journey, so I wrote a story and submitted it along with a picture.

I am so thrilled to announce that I won the Grand Prize!!

The contest was put on by Master Coach Lisa Murrell of Equine Alchemy and Effective Leadership Coaching. The Grand Prize prize being a 3 Day Learning Intensive with the Horses February 3-5, 2012  in New Mexico!   Thank you Lisa for this amazing opportunity to experience this upcoming course. More info about Lisa Murrell at

Here is the short story and picture that won me the Grand Prize!       

"The Missing Link"  

His name "Storm's Missin' Link" already came with the horse. It couldn't have been more fitting. I had horses practically all my life, but was missing owning a horse since the sale of my last horse. Two years had passed prior the search for another horse and it seemed like a life time. Horses had always been my powerful teachers, and I came to realize without the connection to a horse in my life I had gotten depressed. By finding "Link" I literally found the "missing link" in my life.

When Link and I met, it was meant to be. Link has since been teaching me even more. We have explored together not only the training aspects of saddle, trail, or show horse. We have explored the importance of trust, connection, intuition, boundaries and attachment. We have helped each other through new learning and breaking old patterns. We have become each other's yin and yang.

In the meantime, we've also welcomed Link's younger half-brother "Storm's Midnight Roller" aka "Rollie" into our bond. Rollie has been a powerful teacher for me and a big part of Link's missing herd. Link had lost his leader, an older mare named Misty when she passed away suddenly. Young Rollie rolled into our life with much energy and a zest for life, allowing Link to explore being a leader. Now we all play and learn together, and live life fully with joy. Link will always connect the missing links, and Rollie will always teach me to roll with the punches. We're a wonder-filled team!

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