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Summertime reading is here! I have been reading several inspirational, transformational horse books that I want to recommend and share with you. Here they are!

"Dressage in the Fourth Dimension" by Sherry , PhD

What an interesting read this book is! Ackerman really has a way with words. Here are some of my favorites quoted directly from her book: "Our horse mirrors our inner space, making us aware of infinite possibility." "Forget 'heels down, heads up' -- just ride from a primal place." "Most other yogic disciplines are yogas-of-one, but dressage is yoga-of-two." "Mastery is not about perfection but a process, a journey. It requires love. Best riders are passionately in love with their horse." Not just for dressage riders, this is a philosophy on life and relating to your horse in an intimate, connected, spiritual way.

More info on this book "Dressage in the Fourth Dimension" at


"Horse as Teacher: The Path to Relationship" written as a collaborative effort by ten various authors.

Three of these authors I have met and know personally; Helen Amanda Russell, Linda-Ann Bowling, and Sandra Wallin. A special thanks goes to Linda-Ann, who generously sent me this book as a gift. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories of these women who have shared special bonds with horses and whose relationships with their horses have greatly and positively influenced their lives. A true inspiration for anyone seeking a spiritual approach to or through their equine partners or themselves.

You can order the "Horse as Teacher" book here:




"H.E.A.R.T.: A visual tour through Horsemanship from the Heart..." by Christa Miremadi and Kristina Belkina.

Again a special thanks goes to Christa for giving me her book. I met Christa while she came to Kelowna to offer her gentle training skills in a clinic. Her aim is to enrich both horse and human lives, and her book is truly beautiful. Rich in colorful photos and wise words that explain why respect, ideas, acceptance, trust, boundaries, consistency, softness, play and compassion are so important in your relationship with your horse. And if this has raised your curiosity, then great, because it is another important concept and you should go read her book!

You can order Christa's book here:

Have fun reading this summer, be inspired, relax and enjoy!

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