Journey House: Peek inside!

On my property sits this cute and cozy "office". This is the "Journey House", where a lot of the Equine Facilitated counseling, coaching, and processing happens. Since getting this cabin last fall, we've already had a lot of sessions inside or outside sitting on the porch. It's been a real blessing for what ever weather we've been having, too! Rain, sun, heat or cold, we're prepared for all seasons.

This is where we sit and have hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or ice tea. Inside are cozy sliding rocking chairs, which feel comfortable and homey. We do our sessions partially with the horses in the round pen and often return to the Journey House for processing as we watch the horses graze or play. It's nice to see and be with nature, as all around us are mountains and orchards.

I've been told there is not another counselling office in Kelowna that is this unique, rustic, and as the kids said, "cool". Just like horses need to have their own space and freedom, us humans need to have our own space, freedom, and sanctuary. It is especially important when working out personal or emotional "stuff". Horses don't like feeling trapped in a sterile barn, it makes them feel uneasy and even depressed. Us people, we don't usually do well in a sterile office environment either. Given the choice, we would do better with a more natural environment.

Even the short drive through the slowly winding country roads coming up here are a meditation, a way to slow down and breathe. Here at Horse Journey you don't have to ever step outside for some air because you already are outside. This is your special time to be communing with nature, and connecting with yourself. Being at Horse Journey can be your sanctuary, away from the hectic life and busy city. Feel free, take a load off, stomp your boots and widen your horizons at Horse Journey.

Come on by to have a look inside! We're booking sessions and I'm happy to show you around. Please call Karin at 250-860-1964 or email

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