Larch Hills Adventures

We had another wonderful horse camping adventure in Larch Hills, Salmon Arm area. In August we packed up the horse trailer and truck and headed out to ride the endless trails of the cross country ski area called Larch Hills. The paddocks have doubled in numbers, now there are eight. The horses felt immediately at home as they munched on bits of grass growing in the paddocks.

We stayed three days, riding every day, a total of seven hours. Although it was still hot in the valley, Larch Hills sits at a higher altitude and thus the days are not too hot for riding. The evenings cooled off and we were glad we rented the cabin for the night. We fired up the woodstove and made our bed right beside it. Listening to the crackling of the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate in hand we talked about how good our horses were on the ride.

On the last day, Pauline who lives on site joined us for a ride. She led the way with her little mule, whom our horses seemed to like. We got to experience really cool trails which we would not otherwise have found. Mossy trees, soft trails, and beautiful wild flowers greeted us on the trail. We were glad that we didn't encounter any bears, as Pauline told us she has seen a few!

We were sad when we had to leave at the end, but vowed we would be back again next year. Wonderful pictures taken on the trail with gorgeous views will serve as happy momentos until then!


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