Lesson Progress

A little warmer March weather has turned the ice to mudville. I've now trailered Rollie to lessons 3 times. Our instructor is Ashton, and the lessons are at the indoor arena at Serendipity. The trailering part has gone surprisingly well. We had never trailered Rollie by himself (without Link) before. He's handling it all very well. The lessons have been great, and a good practice for both of us. We're doing dressage in gait. Ashton even climbed on Rollie and took him through his paces. She doesn't normally ride gaited horses. As soon as he started gaiting, she grinned ear to ear. Wow! Smooth! We like to call it the "gaited grin". LOL! 

Ready for lesson! Rollie and me at indoor arena.

Ready for lesson! Rollie and me at indoor arena.


Here's a video of the first lesson, me riding Rollie and Ashton instructing. (It's not our first lesson ever, but we're a bit rusty since our last lesson last summer at a different facility).

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