Life after the Open House…

If you've been following my blog posts, you know that we recently held a very successful Open House at Horse Journey! Many great folks came by and met Link and Rollie, and watched our presentations. What fun we had showing the great things we can learn from horses and introducing our programs! Link and Rollie had a wonderful, deserved rest after the Open House and so I thought I'd share these beautiful, peaceful pictures of them with you. Take a few deep breaths and take in their relaxed, peaceful presence!

Oh, by the way, if you missed the Open House and are interested in booking a presentation for your group, family, or employees, please contact us!

If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

Questions, or interested in experiencing Equine Facilitated Coaching and Personal Development sessions in Kelowna? Please contact Karin Bauer, BSW, by calling 250-860-1964 or


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