Link and Lily, unlikely “couple”.

I just have to share this! It's so cute. My friend Lisa who lives next door to Link and Rollie with her horses and goats emailed me this cute story:

Hi Karin, I was standing at my kitchen window watching my goat Lily, standing at the corner where all the horse congregate. She is there by herself and your dark guy with the white on his forehead <Link>has his head over the fence licking and nibbling the top of her head. He then pulls back and Lily strains her head upwards so he comes again then your horse bows his head and nibbles and licks her again. Lily is loving it, she calls him back with her upright stride and head posture. Its very cute to see. Lily has found a boyfriend. Hope your having as good a day as Lily is!

Isn't that sweet? We are the proud parents of an odd couple, Link the horse and Lily the goat!

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