Link and Rollie like their new Counselling Cabin!

The cabin arrived and the boys already checked out the new counselling cabin in the yard. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we hung out together. Link and Rollie both sniffed and looked at the cabin and when I asked them to step closer, first Rollie put his feet on the porch, and then Link. The beautiful picture resulted with them both standing on the porch facing me...after a few practice rounds!

Link and Rollie are not new to standing on pedestals and on higher up things. That part wasn't hard to get one or the other to step up. The part that is harder is that being older and younger brother, they have certain "relationship dynamics". The dynamics surface with little stunts like getting them to stand up high together and facing each other. Rollie doesn't like to be in Link's space, and Link doesn't like Rollie in his space. So... after a few tries, they accepted my leadership, and both stood facing each other, on the cabin porch, posing in this beautiful picture. And now you know how we got this amazing picture to happen!

The purpose of this cabin is to provide a quiet space for our programs with the horses. Please come by to come and see the cabin, and the horses! Contact Karin if you're interested in any of the programs we're offering.

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