Meeting Author Andrea Pabel, my childhood hero!

The year 2012 has started out with a great adventure for me. I can hardly believe it!

First I won the short story contest with my entry "The Missing Link", winning me a spot in the course "Coaching through Horse Wisdom" in New Mexico. I traveled there February 2 - 6. Then after the course in New Mexico I had one full day of leisure time and I wanted to spend it by meeting someone special: Andrea Pabel, (see picture) German author of my favourite children's books! Without knowing it, Andrea had a great influence in my life starting in my childhood as I read her books. Andrea lives outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico with her lovely family and her herd of Arabian horses. Since I was already in Albuquerque, only an hour and a half away, I arranged a visit with Andrea and it was an amazing first time meeting -- except it felt like I've known Andrea all my life!

First of all, my favorite children's book written by Andrea Pabel is a story she wrote about herself and her Icelandic pony by the title of "Freica heisst mein Freches Pony"  -- translated into English, it means "Freica is the name of my cheeky pony". I read this book when I was about eleven or twelve years old and I think my aunt gave me the book for my birthday. I was born horse crazy, and I had lots of books about horses. But Andrea's book told the story of how she got Freica and the fun and interesting adventures they had together. I, too wanted my own horse badly and since my dad didn't want to get a big horse for me, I used to read stories to my dad from this book convincing him to buy me a "pony". Andrea's story helped me decide that I want not just any horse, but a gaited Icelandic horse as my friend (so this also got me started on gaited horses, which much later became two gaited Tennessee Walking horses, Link and Rollie!). The Icelandic pony my dad ended up buying for me was my first pony, and well, the rest was history!

Once I had my own horse, I was so inspired I began writing my own stories and so the other influence Andrea had was that I passionately wanted to be a writer or author when I grow up! Well, thanks to Andrea, here I am writing this blog, and my articles have been published in magazines. It is only appropriate to mention that because I wrote a short story I won a contest, which brought me to New Mexico, and now I have met my childhood hero! What a great full circle!

The other coincidence in this story is that Andrea and her parents used to live close by where I lived with my parents in Germany. Her parents once placed a tiny ad in the newspaper for a kitten to give away. When my dad phoned about the kitten, we had no idea who we were about to meet! Unknowingly, we drove to Andrea's parents' house, and picked up a Russian-blue kitten, which I named "Mickey". When they mentioned their daughter is an author, I put two and two together and figured out this is Andrea! They even showed me the paddock where Freica used to live, but of course she wasn't there anymore. Andrea herself was not living at home anymore as she was in California working with the infamous Linda Tellington-Jones! You can hardly imagine my delight as during our recent visit we shared common childhood memories of the local saddle shop in Bavaria, which we both dragged our dads to, yet we never crossed paths until now.

In the meantime, Andrea has co-written books with Linda Tellington-Jones, and also is currently translating one of Linda's books into the German language. I too am a fan of Linda's work with TTeam touch. Many years ago I've met Linda's sister Robyn Hood (lives in Vernon, only one hour away from Kelowna) when she gave a TTeam clinic in Kelowna. And just last year, I took a Connected Riding Clinic with Robyn's daughter, Mandy Pretty. What are the chances of that?

Andrea is currently breeding Arabian horses, her website is and is busy writing and translating books with Linda Tellington-Jones.

As we concluded our visit, Andrea kindly gave me a signed copy of one of her books, co-written with Linda Tellington-Jones titled "Let's Ride: Fun and TTeamwork with your Horse and Pony". Thank you Andrea, for the book, the lovely visit and the positive influence on my life! Yes, we will ride and I hope one day we will meet again, maybe even ride together!

Insights from my Horse Journey

How can I sum up such profound and synchronized events in my life? If I had known back then, as a young, horse crazy girl that I would live in Canada, have horses, be a life coach, writer, and travel to meet my favorite children's book author, would I have believed it? And yet, belief is what made it all possible.

What do you want to believe in today?

You never know, what you believe in today just might influence the rest of your life.

If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

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