Merry Christmas at Horse Journey!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From Link, Rollie and Karin.

Hohoho!! Just moments after Link and Rollie arrived home from a trail ride, Santa was being picked up by the Fire Engine truck for Santa duty. Apparently, it's a tradition!

Link and Rollie look on to see if Santa will bring them back a nice, juicy Christmas carrot, hoping they were good boys. Which they were!
(psst, Santa is actually Pete, whose farm Link and Rollie
live at. Santa, ehm, Pete feeds Link and Rollie every day.
Isn't that cute? How many horses can claim that Santa feeds them every day?! Of course, Pete doesn't dress up  like that every day. Hohoho!)

Merry Christmas from Santa's farm!

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