Michael Richardson – an inspirational horseman.

At last year's Chilliwack Mane Event I personally met this inspiring horseman and clinician, Michael Richardson who is in a wheelchair. He says he doesn't identify himself as someone in a wheelchair.  His clinics and presentations were amazing even to his able bodied riders, and his attitude so positive. However, Michael teaches riding, trains horses, and gives clinics from his wheelchair! He rides his horse with a special saddle. When I think about the challenges Michael has to overcome to ride a horse or do things that come easy to me as an able bodied person, I do have to ask myself: If he can do it, what's my problem then? It's so inspiring!

I also use his wonderful explanation of riding. Michael explained that walking and riding are a similar motion, it comes naturally to us. That is one of the reasons why riding is so therapeutic to us. And, moving your hips to a figure 8 when riding helps to move with the horse's rhythm. I've tried it riding my horses and it works really well! It helps both the horse and rider balance.

I've sent Michael an email inviting him to come back to Canada, I'm so hoping he could give a clinic to us here! (When I met him, he did say to visit him in Texas anytime. I might have to do that some time!)

Please view these 2 videos of Michael Richardson. Well worth watching! Enjoy!

Michael Richardson - An inspiration

Michael Richardson - A new perspective

This is his website (note the name of his ranch is Broken R Ranch.) http://brokenrranch.com/

His facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/michaelrichardsonbenefit

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