New Dixieland Gaited Flextree Saddle

Oh, I finally did it! After a lengthy and thorough search, I made my choice: I got the Dixieland Plantation saddle. It arrived in a box not even 2 weeks after ordering it directly from Dixieland saddles. The saddle was not in stock but was handmade by Amish people in a short time and shipped to me.  Their website is "Dixieland Gaited  Saddles is the premiere gaited saddlemaker producing the finest western trail and pleasure saddlery available for the gaited horse." 

I got the felt saddle pad, trail stirrups, stirrup turners and breast collar as well.

The saddle is beautiful and fits well. I was so happy with it, I even wrote a very positive  review at 

My review went something like this: I have now been able to use my new Dixieland Plantation saddle a few times on my TWH. It seems to fit quite well. I did a 2 hour ride and my knee that usually hurts after an hour did not hurt. I find the saddle puts me in a more balanced position for my seat and back. I also find this saddle puts me in more contact with the horse than my Western saddle did, and I like the motion of feeling the horse's movement. I've done some flat work with it too (which I normally use a Dressage saddle for), and my gelding gaits well, and we can even do dressage moves with it.
All in all I would say the Dixieland Plantation saddle has the precision of a Dressage saddle, the comfort of an Endurance saddle, and the safety and relaxed seat of a Western saddle.
I just came back from attending the Mane Event, our Canadian version of a horse expo. Looking at the many saddles there, I did not see one saddle that has the look, features, quality, -and-  good pricing like my Dixieland saddle. Wow! I think we need a Dixieland distributor here in Canada - if you're looking for one, I'm interested!
Attached is a picture of me on TWH Rollie, riding in the new Dixieland saddle. The saddle also fits quite well on his half-brother, also a TWH but who is built taller, less stocky than Rollie. 

Both pictures are of Rollie with the new saddle.

So here it is, me and Rollie riding Dixieland-style!

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