Open House at Horse Journey Reminder!

Our first Open House at Horse Journey is fast approaching! This Saturday, April 14, from 11am - 5pm!  3155 Prospect Road, S.E. Kelowna.
Check our previous blog post for more details!

We are all very excited here, feverishly preparing for it. We have food, drinks, and fabulous prizes! The Journey House Cabin has been receiving more beautiful upgrades; you will have to come and see how cozy it is inside! We got three dump truck loads of fine sand delivered and spread out in the round pen and riding arena. And of course, Link and Rollie have been helping diligently with "mowing" the lawn as the new, sweet, green grass is starting to appear in the field! What a team we are!

At this Open House, we are looking forward to sharing and providing some very interesting information on therapy and coaching with the help of horses. We will answer your questions, and possibly even give small demos with volunteers. (Showing in this picture is young Kyra, enjoying a fun personal growth exercise with the help of coach Rollie!)

Equine Facilitated Personal Development is an effective and well-recognized modality when working with human challenges; horses are excellent at demonstrating boundaries, leadership, problem solving, communication, confidence, resolving past issues, moving forward, and much more! This field is not only becoming better recognized, we will actually see people wondering why we have not worked more with these smart, wise equine partners in this capacity before.

Come and check it out! Horse Journey is the only Equine Facilitated Coaching and Counseling Service in Kelowna. Karin Bauer, BSW, is a very skilled horse person with a wealth of human service experience; with this rare combination of rich experience Karin is uniquely qualified and has a tremendous amount of expertise to offer!

See you at the Open House!

Please join us for our first public ”OPEN HOUSE” at Horse Journey!

Held on Saturday, April 14th from 11am - 5pm. Door prizes – win a free session!

Meet the herd, Link and Rollie! Meet Karin Bauer! Learn about Equine Facilitated Personal Development!

Please send an email to Karin to RSVP and to be added to the guest list!

Or call 250-860-1964



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