Overcome your Obstacles!

How many obstacles are in your way right now? Do you feel sometimes there are just too many things to overcome or to tolerate? Well, here at Horse Journey we actually have gone out of our way to built obstacles! These obstacles are created to find ways to overcome fears, anxiety, uncertainty and indecision! Take a look!

To you this obstacle might just look like a harmless gate with flapping plastic streamers, but to the horse this is intimidating and scary! Ask him to walk near it or underneath it and you will see just how Rollie really feels! This obstacle is called a "car wash" as when the horse walks through it, the plastic will touch his sides and he may not be all that comfortable with it. The purpose for this obstacle is that it's the person's job to reassure the horse, gain his trust and build confidence.



Other obstacles we built include white barrels, and orange pipes, which we use to simulate a tunnel walking through, or a tight, long and narrow space to navigate. Horses are not naturally keen on doing this as they are claustrophobic. A horse may just simply refuse to go through it or will want to go around it. The purpose of this exercise is to show how a horse will get comfortable with something he is scared to do, and eventually gets used to doing this with trust and confidence. This experience teaches many clients to find their own courage through the "horse's try". Clients are given the chance to practice team work by applying savvy "horse communication" techniques and tools in problem solving. And, it's a lot of fun!


This obstacle represents a bridge or creek as the horse is asked to step on an unusual looking and sounding object. It is made of a piece of plastic and logs. The horse not only has to figure out how to step on the plastic which makes rustling sounds, but also how to step over a maze of logs. It requires coordination and timing. Again, a person guiding the horse has to make sure that the communication of "let's go over this scary thing" is working and that the horse will understand that he is not getting hurt when stepping on the scary thing.



While we may decide that we can handle one problem comfortably, what happens when it multiplies? Here we have the two horses, Link and Rollie very interested in being guided through obstacles by the person. Problem solving and being in touch with ones's own confidence, savvy skills, emotional agility, and flexibility will come up when situations suddenly change. The horses always seem to know when to add that little "extra" to the sessions!

Well done Link and Rollie, good job!



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