Reaching Goals: One step at a Time!

How do you reach your goals? One step at a time!
Here are my 3 Goals, 3 Work Plans, 3 Challenges and 3 Payoffs!

Goal 1 Finish the Ceiling!

One of my goals for this summer was to finish the last project on the Journey House cabin: Create a vaulted ceiling with new, beautiful pinewood. I imagined that this ceiling would not only insulate the cabin in the winter but it would give it that rustic, cozy and inviting atmosphere. And, once done, it would mean that Journey House is completely finished inside and outside.

The work: It took several days of finicky measuring and cutting. We had to work around the hot days, sometimes worked in the evening, and even gave up a few days at the beach.

The challenge: It took longer than expected to finish, we are not practiced carpenters at all. Learning on the job and figuring it out takes more time than if you know how to do it! We overcame it by just being patient and diligently worked away at it.

The payoff: Once we put the tools down and stood back, we said: Wow!! It was worth the work! And very satisfying to see my dream of finishing this warm and inviting counselling office in nature be complete. Here in this beautiful space I work with my clients. Clients often tell me how unique this spot is, with the horses, out in nature and the cozy Journey House. October marks our first anniversary of having this gorgeous cabin on our property. It's been a remarkable journey for myself to create this special space and sharing it with clients and visitors alike.

Goal 2: Get the Hay!

Another goal reached as with every summer is having all the hay in for Link and Rollie! We got it delivered into our paddock this year. Oh, how daunting it was seeing a huge pile of 318 bales of hay laying there and knowing it has to be loaded and stacked in the sheds!

The challenge: It seemed like a monumental task. This load will last the horses over one year. (The picture shows only one load; we had to stack 3 times that amount!) We overcame this challenge by having Pete, our friend as a helper and resting our arms when we could.

The work: To do this, three of us picked up each bale and loaded it on the truck, unloaded and stacked it in the shed. We had a plan, got to work, and accomplished our task in a total of five hours!

The payoff: Standing back and looking at all this hay safe and dry in the shed, it's like having lots of food in your pantry. A great relief! When the snow is falling and the grass is gone, we will be even more grateful to have it done. This hay will be a reminder of how important it is to plan ahead, do the work and reward yourself.


Goal 3: Take the horses camping!

Yes, even the fun stuff sometimes needs a goal. This goal is important as we all need to get away sometimes and take time out. Link and Rollie need this as much as we do!

The work: Make reservations, plan, go shopping, pack the truck and trailer, load the horses and drive to Salmon Arm. Unload, get settled in, de-stress, and unwind.

The challenge: When we left Kelowna, we checked the weather report and knew that a thunderstorm was heading our way. We arrived in Larch Hills just as the sky opened up with rain, thunder and lightening! We had to unload the horses in this kind of weather. We overcame this challenge by staying calm, quietly unloaded the horses and put them in their paddocks. They handled it well and I'm sure all our prior years of trust building and training helped them to stay calm.

The payoff: The weather improved quickly the next day and for one week we enjoyed many wonderful trail rides. It was a memorable horse camping trip, with relaxation and fun. Making use of great weather we got to relax together on the trail and under the trees. How wonderful it is to share a great relationship with my horses and my partner!

What are your Goals?

Now that summer is over, perhaps you are ready to tackle your goals. Do your goals look daunting? Monumentally challenging? Too scared to start the hard work? If that's the case, then it's time to work with an Equine Facilitated Coach, like Karin, Link and Rollie.

We can help you break it down into manageable tasks that get you to your payoff sooner! As I can attest, it's always better when you have back up and help to reach your goals!

Come and visit us and if you want to work on new goals, improve life or have a better relationship with your horse or yourself. Equine Facilitated Coaching is what we do, and helping you achieve YOUR personal GOALS is what we excel at!

If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

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