Recent Road Trips and my Insights

In my recent visit (end of March) to the Vancouver and Seattle area, I had the pleasure of meeting very interesting people. I wanted to combine my trip by making connections with other Equine Facilitated Coaches or Therapists, and gentle horse trainers. If you are a professional working this type of field, please connect with me as I would love to know about you for networking and cross-referral. We are a really great community to be part of! Here is who I met on this trip, and what everyone does.

First I met with Linda-Ann (LA) Bowling. She is a Master Coach and she works with small business owners, corporate business, leaders, teams, individuals and people from all walks of life. Very similar to my own coaching/counselling practice, Linda-Ann's approach of working with people includes the assistance of horses. LA also partners with a herd of horses through the power of Horse Guided or Horse Assisted Learning. This happens at her coaching studio "Healing Heart Sanctuary" in Langley, just outside of Vancouver, B.C.  LA is also an author and she contributed a story in the book "Horse As Teacher: The Path to Relationship". It was great connecting with Linda-Ann, as we share a background in Life and Business coaching and know some of the same leaders in the field. I got to visit with her beautiful herd of horses and see her well-designed and inviting facility. LA's website is

Following the visit, Linda-Ann and I drove to see Christa Miremadi's facility, "Silver Star Stables". Unfortunately, Christa herself was not able to be there, but LA works with Christa on occasion, so she knew how to show me the facility. Christa offers "Horsemanship from the Heart" which immediately resonated with my own horse training approach. At Silver Star Stables, Christa offers horsemanship and training programs, which she manages and created herself. Christa's Horsemanship from the Heart seems to be geared to what is also close to my own heart: building relationships through opening the lines of compassionate communication between humans and their equines. Her amazing facility is located in Langley, B.C., and her website is  I hope to soon meet Christa in person when she comes to Kelowna, so we can chat about our common interests and philosophies in horse training!

My next stop was a quick one, but nevertheless very interesting to finally meet Sandra Wallin of Sandra lives in Maple Ridge, B.C., and while we had been in email communication for a few years, I always wanted to meet her. Sandra is an Epona Approved Instructor, Horse Conscious Teacher and has a Master's degree in Counseling and Psychology among other very interesting trainings and skills. Sandra also has a Tennessee Walking horse mare, who looks like she is related to my TWH "Link". I know I could have talked to Sandra for hours, but unfortunately, she had to be on her way to an appointment. I saw her beautiful herd of horses on my way out, and couldn't help but notice how some things in life come to full circle when you finally meet someone in person you've known and heard about for a long time. Thanks for the visit!

Lastly, my next visit was a real treat as I met Rick Brighton in Renton, WA. It wasn't so easy to find Rick's place but eventually I got there. Rick has a nice facility including an indoor arena. Bald Eagles were flying above and in between trees, I have never seen so many eagles so close by. My visit with Rick included a two hour riding lesson on his awesome gaited Rocky Mountain horses. Prior to meeting him, Rick caught my attention with a Youtube video that showed him riding his gaited RM horse side passing and doing some really nice dressage moves in the arena. I have been working with my own two gaited Tennessee Walking horses as well as training other people's gaited horses. I was curious to see what Rick's take was on my techniques and since Rick's background is in "Resistance Free Horse Training" I wanted to experience a lesson. It turns out that Rick felt my riding skills are great, and I was very encouraged to continue doing what I'm doing. Thank you, Rick! We shared a lot of interesting concepts on riding and training gaited horses and the time just flew by! I asked Rick to come to B.C. to offer clinics here and I really hope he will take me up on it. Rick's website is

Insights from my Horse Journey

In the last few years my mantra has been "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Being an eager student, I've definitely been traveling a fair amount to find new teachers and expand my horse community. I love meeting like-minded horse enthusiasts, as well as counsellors and life coaches who work with Equine Assisted Learning Programs. Meeting people in this wonderful community is like meeting my herd, we all have one thing in common: The love of the horse. I've expanded my horse and human knowledge, skills, and education by watching, sharing, listening, and learning. The traveling has been fun, and has helped me to gear up for my practice at home. I'm feeling very happy and eager to share my expansive knowledge through my programs by coaching, training, counseling and teaching others!
My new mantra is: "When the teacher is ready, the student will also appear!" So come on in, introduce yourself, the coffee/tea is on, and Link and Rollie, the horse coaches are waiting for you!

If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

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