Spiritual Healing Journey with Horses

Are you ready for your Spiritual Healing Journey with Horses?

2013 horse journey pic 005As I sit outside under the cherry tree, I'm watching my horses peacefully graze beside me. The wind has picked up and the leaves in the trees are rustling. It is June and it's our rainy season in the Okanagan Valley. There is another big storm moving in, bringing more rain. In the middle of the darkening sky is one2013 horse journey pic 004 lone white, fluffy cloud. I focus my gaze on this cloud and watch it as it slowly moves towards me. What is Spirit telling me?

Being with horses out here on this little piece of land is magical. The energy is calming, and the earth I'm sitting on is grounding. The grass smells sweet and fresh, and the horses are enjoying its juicy, green nutrition. I hear the birds singing and once in a while a hawk flies by catching an updraft, wings spread wide, circling higher and higher into the sky. What must it be like to be carefree like that?

From the tiny ants marching by to the majestic horses next to me, life goes on in all its splendor. I breathe deeply and feel alive. I welcome this moment and I want to take it all in. Are you searching to experience this type of healing journey?

OpenHouse2I would like to share my horse journey with you and I welcome you to experience your own spiritual healing journey with horses! The horses have so much to teach us, it is a truly wonderful experience.  Come and book an appointment at Horse Journey, and get started healing your life with horses in a natural environment. Where ever it will take you, this is where you need to be.


If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

Questions, or interested in experiencing "Healing with Horses", Equine Facilitated Coaching and Personal Development sessions in Kelowna? Please contact Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW by calling 250-860-1964 or karin@horsejourney.com

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"All our suffering in life is from saying we want one thing and doing another."  ~Debbie Ford




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