The Counselling Cabin has arrived!

I'm so excited! Early this morning I awoke to the sight of my new cabin sitting on a flat deck trailer outside my yard waiting for me! Vern Goddard built this beautiful cabin within one week of ordering it. His website is . Vern delivered it with his truck and trailer, and set it up in our yard this morning. It is a beautiful cabin with cedar siding, two sliding windows, a beautiful cottage door with a rounded window. It has a lovely porch to enjoy the views and watch the horses from. With its green tin roof and wood accents on the posts, it is a rustic yet comfortable space facing the round pen and south slope mountains.  I'm looking forward to finishing it inside with drywall, tile flooring and furnishing it with comfy chairs and a table.

If you're looking for a tranquil counselling experience in the company of the horses Link and Rollie, please contact me at


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