The present and past

I wish I could have taken a video to capture this moment. However, this moment is definitely saved in my memory forever now. As I left the clinic last weekend, driving the truck with Link standing in the horse trailer, we passed the horse pasture where my former horse Mani lives. I had owned Mani for 10 years and with a heavy heart, sold him eight years ago to his new home. April 9th, the day of the clinic was also Mani's 24th birthday. As we drove by Mani's pasture I wished Mani "happy birthday, my old boy!" Mani saw the horse trailer; and through the trailer window Link saw Mani on the field. Link who has never met Mani, whinnied to him, and Mani whinnied back, then galloped along side of us in the distance. He looked so graceful running and watching us go by.

In that precious moment, my past and my present melded into one; it made me happy to see Mani still so full of life, and sad thinking of all the tears I had shed when I sold Mani because I missed him so much. I got Link because I knew I couldn't be without a horse, and he helped me over the loss of Mani's companionship. I still think of Mani often and go visit him, I have never forgotten him. This moment was a beautiful one in my life, seeing my present and my past meeting up for a few seconds. It was as if my old friend Mani flew along with us in the wind, while my new friend Link traveling with me in the trailer said "Hello Mani, don't worry, she hasn't forgotten you! I will take good care of her!"

In that instance I could see how I and my horse buddies have walked a full circle, and what seemed like an ending is only a continuation of our lives.
I love you both, Mani and Link! Thank you my boys, for taking good care of me.


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