Volunteering for the Soul

It's Thursday, and like every Thursday I head off to Arion Farm to volunteer with kids and horses. Arion Farm just happens to be in my neighbourhood and offers a wonderful therapeutic riding program for kids with disabilities.  I usually lead horses, sidewalk, and move horses from the paddock to the barn. I also occasionally lunge or train a horse, feed horses, brush, and check them over. It fills my heart to see these wonderful horses look after the kids. And the smiling faces of the kids make my day, even though I can work up a sweat when they shout in glee "run horsey, run!" and I lead the horse as fast as I can!

Due to the colder weather and snow, the Arion riding program has moved to a nearby indoor arena at Dr. Sheila MacDonald's, our local veterinarian. Which is very generous of the vet clinic to allow us access. However, Arion Farm could really benefit from an indoor arena of their own. If you feel generous, please donate to this very good cause!  

Visit their website at: www.ArionFarm.org

I'm mulling around in my head of doing a ride with Rollie and get sponsored, to raise funds and donate to Arion Farms. If you have any great ideas, let us know!

 I'm leading the chestnut horse Dreamer, with one of our students outside in S.E.Kelowna. In front of us is Teddy the Belgium being ridden by another student. The students were having a wonderful ride on a sunny winter day.

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