What do Horses Inspire in us?

Ever thought about it?

What do Horses inspire in us? Why are we so drawn to Horses? What do we see in them that we need or want for ourselves?

Freedom? Fun? Playfulness? Curiosity? Pure joy?

Community? Standing up for ourselves or our herd?

Love? Passion? Relaxation? Rest? Strength? Healthy Boundaries?

Flexibility? Forgiveness? Letting things go?

Nature? Environment? Going with the flow? Intuitive knowing?

Knowing what's truly important in life? Feeling grounded?

Accepting ourselves and others as we are? Clear communication?

Living life fully and completely, without regrets?

If you want to explore what horses inspire in you, we have Equine Facilitated Personal Development sessions available.

Begin your journey through Horse Journey!

Please call Karin at 250-860-1964 to book a session with Link and Rollie, the facilitators.

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