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What Scares You? Do it Every Chance you get.

Many years ago on my 17th birthday a family friend took me out on his float plane and showed me how to co-pilot his plane. I flew over my house perched next to the Georgian Bay, Ontario and "waved" with the wings as he showed me, by tipping the plane's wings side to side in the air. My smiling parents standing below waved back! This was only my second time ever in an air plane. The first plane ride was the nine hour plane ride from Germany to Canada when we emigrated. I decided this was exhilarating fun and I loved flying!

A few years and many plane rides as an adult passenger (of the commercial kind) later I experienced a harrowing flight that resulted in an emergency landing. All the lights in the plane had gone out in the dark of the night, in dense fog and troubling turbulence. We were turned around mid route not knowing if we were going to crash land. Although we landed safely, changed planes, and made the same trip without incident over again those few fearful hours left an imprint on me. From having so much fun flying to being terrified I was going to die, this was an experience I hated and somehow couldn't shake. In that state, I decided I didn't like flying. In fact, I developed a fear of flying. Any type of turbulence or weird plane engine sounds left me intensely nervous after that.
Fast forward to today. I'm flying several times per year. I'm relaxed and not nervous in the plane. The fear of flying is gone.How did I do that?

Fears feel REAL. Even the irrational kind of fears. At least in our heads and in our bodies.
We can overcome these fears. But just how do we do it?

I like travel and air travel is a fact of life. So I wanted to push and challenge myself to overcome this fear. I had to start with the irrational beliefs that made me feel afraid. No, a little turbulence in the airplane doesn't mean I'm in immediate danger. No, what happened before doesn't mean it's going to happen again. I had to learn to trust that I was safe, despite what my mind was telling me. I had to stretch my perceived abilities.

Now close to my thirties, I signed up for a Fire Walk Experience. The premise of this exercise was to change your mental/emotional state and your body will keep you safe. The fire was real, yes, they were hot burning coals. After detailed and careful preparation by the trained facilitator, I walked over the hot coals and didn't get burned!! It was so powerful to experience this that I decided I could recreate this belief and emotional state and apply it to flying. And after that, I flew on many, many, more air planes. So many, I lost count. The irrational belief and resulting fear was absolutely gone!

Now let me ask you this: We all have our fears. What is yours? Is it time to overcome it?
If your answer is yes, then you might wonder how? We don't all have a Fire Walk Event readily available. However, it is interesting the parallels of the Fire Walk to the work we do here at Horse Journey with horse activities. Many clients report that they are not very comfortable at first when meeting the horses. Metaphorically speaking, large animals might trigger an old fear of dealing with something that is bigger and more powerful than yourself. Maybe it's a bit how you felt when you were a kid and the adults had more strength and power than you.

When you do come to Horse Journey, you will see that our horses are gentle and kind, and the activity in itself is extremely safe as you're in the skilled hands of your trained facilitator (me!). Then we begin to examine your beliefs and dismantle any irrational beliefs. We can work on your fears and your emotional states. I get goose bumps every time I see clients start to find their inner power, and become the leader of the horse and then the leader in their own lives! I encourage you to do it! Don't wait. Life is too short. Get over it, get going, and live your life like there are no limits. I did it. I know you can, too!

Art Guidance Cards Update

In April My interview on the Tele Summit for the Healing With Horse Collective aired for 24 hours. My interview was part of the line up of dynamic speakers and leaders in the field of Equine Therapy. It was a smashing success!
Art Guidance Cards and Inner Guidance Journals got shipped from my home all the way to Australia, Europe, USA, and Canada! I appreciate all the wonderful testimonials! If you purchased the Art Guidance Cards deck, I invite you to send me your testimonials of successful coaching sessions to share with everyone! I would love to publish your success stories in the newsletter and website. Let's share with the world this wonderful perspective and life changing tool! Thank you!
In the meantime, my Art Guidance Cards and Journals are still available here for purchase http://horsejourney.com/guidance-cards-counseling-tools/.

Horse Journey Update

It is the beginning of June and Equine Facilitated sessions are back in full swing. The weather is gorgeous, and we are in for some beautiful sessions outside in nature. The horses have already helped several clients with healing and letting go longstanding grief and emotional pain. They have changed people's attachments of chemical substances and co-dependent relationships to personal freedom and empowerment.

The horses have also given back inner healing strength and courage to folks who have been stuck in fear, self-doubt and self-criticism. Link and Rollie, the healing horses at Horse Journey have helped so many people. Link is especially gifted at clearing old energy from your energy chakras. He scans your energy with his muzzle and then begins to focus on any physical area he feels needs cleansing or balancing. Then he will lick, breathe, and blow air to move the energy. Sometimes he will shake his head, close his eyes and begin yawning to release that energy.

It's quite fascinating to watch and a very gentle, peaceful process. Our clients often shed their heavy burdens quickly. We hear about instant feelings of lightness and relief in their bodies. Often physical or emotional pain gets released and our clients report feeling more relaxed and comfortable in their bodies. Most clients say that they finally experience very deep, rejuvenating sleeps afterwards. Isn't that amazing, how healing horses can be for us? I invite you to come and experience this process at Horse Journey. If you are ready for your personal change, please contact us today! www.HorseJourney.com

Wishing you a wonderful horse journey,

Your Wellness Guide, Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW
Phone: 250-860-1964
Web: www.HorseJourney.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/horsejourneylifecoaching

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