What’s in the stars for Link and Rollie?

Happy New Year everyone!

Now that it's a new year, just for fun I looked up our horses' Link and Rollie's astrological signs. Not that I'm a great big believer in astrology, but I was curious. So here are their signs:

Link (born July 25, 2003) is a Leo. 

Rollie (born May 27, 2004) is a Gemini.  

Curious to see if there is actual astrology geared towards horses, I found a site that provides insight! So what's in the stars for our horses according to SUN-SIGN ASTROLOGY FOR YOUR HORSE by Kim Hann-Devries?  Here's what she said:  

Link: Sun in Leo (July 23 - August 23) 
Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and is a fixed fire sign, which is ruled by the Sun. The Leo-sun horse is therefore naturally generous, confident and dignified. This horse loves being the centre of attention and will shine at a show! The Leo-sun horse loves to be noticed and will be loyal to you if you lavish your undivided affection and show it fair leadership. It is important to acknowledge all the positive attributes in your Leo-sun horse and treat it with respect. Never take your Leo-sun horse for granted, otherwise it may try to gain your attention by being absolutely bombastic! Your Leo-sun horse will shine even more if you give it the authority to make decisions within your partnership. If you do not do this, then your Leo-sun horse may switch off and become lazy and indolent. Like the leonine symbol of this sign, the Leo-sun horse has a naturally courageous spirit, which means that it really enjoys the thrill of competition. As Leo rules the heart and the thoracic region, the Leo-sun horse is prone to problems in these areas if its needs for leadership, loyalty, fairness and love are not met within your partnership.

Rollie: Sun in Gemini (May 22 - June 21)
Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and is a mutable air sign, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. The Gemini-sun horse is therefore naturally a curious, alert and versatile horse that loves learning. This horse loves to communicate and will bond with you very quickly if you take time to learn its body language and play games together on a regular basis. The Gemini-sun horse is also very fun loving, and needs the versatility of a whole array of different types of activities. In short, the Gemini-sun horse wants to be an all-rounder! A Gemini-sun horse needs to be stimulated mentally and emotionally within the partnership, and be given the opportunity to express its sense of humour in a positive manner. Otherwise it may get bored very quickly, and will then become inattentive and flighty. Like the Gemini symbol of the twins, this horse does not like being alone and naturally has two sides to its personality. This horse loves companionship and will make friends with animals of other species if it cannot have the company of horses. Occasionally couples choose to share a horse, so the Gemini-sun horse and would naturally be at ease with the idea of two human partners! As Gemini rules the chest, it is important that this horse gets as much fresh air as possible.

So, my verdict is: I must say I quite agree with both of these descriptions! Yes, Leo sounds a lot like Link, and Gemini like Rollie. I put in 'bold' words in the above descriptions that most sounded true for Link and Rollie. I would comment, that even though Link is the leader, he can be worried in situations by himself, and he doesn't like to be left at home alone. Rollie is the follower in their dynamic relationship, however he is quite OK being alone, and ridden out alone. In the paddock, you will see Link as the leader, and Rollie the follower (see picture below.) Both horses absolutely thrive on mental and emotional stimulation. While Rollie "acts" shy and aloof, once you make friends, he's very affectionate too.  Link often likes to goof around, whereas Rollie naturally is more about working.

For more info on astrology for your horse, go to  http://www.equinewhispers.co.uk/astrology1.html

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