Year of the Horse

Rollie and Link, the counselors at Horse Journey.

Rollie and Link, the counselors at Horse Journey.

Hello and Happy New Year!

2014: The Year of the Horse!

On Jan 31st the year of the horse began in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Many people have said that the year of the horse means many great opportunities are available with the horse as a symbol for grace, nobility, speed and perseverance.  There are many great things that are attributed to the horse's spirit, which may also apply to the year of the horse.

What do I know of horses? I know that horses do not move in a straight line, so there may be a few detours or curveballs along the way. Horses are very grounding, and if you need patience and a steadfast approach, horses can help you practice that. Horses are naturally curious, and they remind me never to lose my curiosity.

How has your year been for you so far? Have you noticed any synchronicities that sound like attributes of horse energy so far?

In any case this year will prove to be a very good year for learning about horse wisdom and how it applies to our lives. Besides one-on-one Equine Facilitated Therapy sessions I now have a number of other exciting, new offerings! Many great opportunities for personal growth are available at Horse Journey. For example, I am now offering coaching programs accessible for clients who live out of town via phone/Skype,  for more info see below!

Here are our offerings:

1) Equine Therapy one-on-one sessions: As always, Link and Rollie will be available for Equine Therapy counseling and coaching sessions by appointment! New clients welcome!

Tune up sessions: For clients who have already taken Equine Therapy sessions in the last few years, I'm offering tune up sessions to continue your path and sharpen your skills! Because we're all human, it's easy for old habits to creep in. Keep yourself tuned up and learn more about relationships, communication, boundaries, emotional well-being... and much more! We love to support you!

2) A Comprehensive Coaching/Counseling Program (accessible for out of town and local clients) that includes: Weekly Phone/Skype coaching/counseling sessions with an added Horse Therapy component such as an Equine Therapy Retreat in person with the horses in Kelowna. This program will provide you with constant support for on-going learning through your personal growth journey. We weave horse wisdom and many other amazing tools into all sessions - this is definitely not your 'regular' life coaching or counseling service. The added Horse Therapy Retreat component will give you a chance to practice your skills with the horses. It's an amazing coaching program, full with personal growth tools to apply immediately in your life!

3) Support Group: For clients who have completed a minimum of 8 Equine Therapy sessions, you are invited to come join the support group to keep yourself supported on your journey. You will have an opportunity to learn and share with other wise women who have been through the same program.

4) Horse Therapy Healing Retreats: These healing retreats can also be custom designed for anyone who wants to receive Horse Therapy sessions and a retreat in nature. It's a great opportunity to connect with yourself, find balance and healing. The overnight accommodation for Horse Therapy Healing Retreats here in Kelowna is very close by in our neighborhood. Our chosen partner for providing overnight stays to Horse Journey clients is Bo.TTEGA, a quiet farm inn with friendly, supportive staff and a healing environment. Retreats are available in spring, summer and fall. Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Please inquire about any of the above offerings! I am now booking appointments for March for all programs. Please inquire by email  or phone 250-860-1964. More info about programs at

On a Personal Note

Horses teach us great life skills.

The year of the horse has been a turbulent one for me so far. I've had lots to think about, lots to process, lots to decide. I've had a few unexpected turn of events - a few 'curveballs' to speak. Our previous house which we thought was sold came back to us after 4 years; my father was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The natural reaction to all these things that are out of my control would be a "stress reaction". Believe me, I've had moments when I wanted to just shut down or freak out. Instead, despite all the things going on, I've found a way to make time to see my horse therapists Link and Rollie every day. I've sat with them and meditated. I've focused on my breathing. I did yoga. I wrote in my journal. I talked to friends and family. And despite the turmoil I've been feeling okay. Most of all, the presence of my horses, in body and in spirit is what has kept me sane. I would think about them at night before going to sleep, when visiting dad at the hospital, or while renovating the old house. Link and Rollie's horse spirits have been with me and guiding me.

I find such solace in being with the horses. When ever I was able to see them it has been a blessing. As the sun set into a cold, foggy night, weak sun rays still producing a spectacular effect with oranges and reds smudged across the winter sky I would sit and listen to the horses. They would munch on their hay quietly and rhythmically chewing and this sound would ease me into a healing trance. It's an ancient farmer's meditation, sitting with the horses, listening to them, watching them and yet so powerfully connecting.

Other times, I would sit and watch the moon rise above the mountains, fog or snow clouds surrounding the moon but the lunar glow still highlighting the horses' silhouettes in the night. How often do we "self-medicate" by tuning out in front of the computer, TV, or other devices? I definitely did not want to be disconnected from my feelings. Horse Therapy really works. I'm definitely a firm believer and I enjoy modeling this approach to everyone who wants to try it.

By the way, the house was renovated within a record time of only 2 weeks (with the help of lovely friends, thank you!) and is now listed on the real estate market. We applied Feng Shui principles, staged and even saged it. We're confident it will attract its new happy owner soon. And the other happy news is that my dad is recovering well and just got word that he does not need Chemotherapy or radiation treatments. It looks like he will be just fine!

So as I navigate through life, I want to share this sense of solace, hope and resolve for healing with you. I want for you to come see us this year at Horse Journey Counseling, whether it is here at our facility or through Skype!

If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

Questions, or interested in experiencing “Healing with Horses”, Equine Facilitated Coaching and Personal Development sessions in Kelowna? Please contact Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW by calling 250-860-1964 or






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