Yoga and Horses

Just got back from my yoga class. It's been very enlightening. We were not only doing poses, but also tuning into what's inside. That is when I noticed a theme... how you connect with yourself; are you truly happy? And how do you feel about your horse and the connection with your horse? Are you truly connected?

Have you ever thought about it? These are some themes to ponder. Let's say you're feeling unhappy with your horse. Maybe your horse keeps spooking and it scares you. Or maybe your horse won't let you catch him on the pasture, and it makes you feel annoyed. Let's back up the scenario. Where in your life other than with the horse do you feel scared, or annoyed? Ask yourself, how do you feel about yourself these days? The way you feel in life, or about yourself, may have a correlation with how you feel with your horse. Try it. Close your eyes and let your mind wander. See what scenarios play out for you. Find anything interesting?

Next check your feelings BEFORE you go to your horse. Notice anything? Then find out how that feels, just be truly aware to be aware around your horse. Does it change anything with your horse - even just the slightest bit?

Let me know what you experience with this little experiment! I'd be interested to know.

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