Client Testimonials

Rollie and Link in front of the Journey House cabin.

Rollie and Link in front of the Journey House cabin.

From suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Depression to strong Boundaries, Increased Energy and Ambitious New Goals:

"My brief experience with Link and Rollie has profoundly changed me.  I understand boundaries so much better and my close relationships have improved immensely. From the lessons learned with Karin and the horses that I continue to practice on my own, I have an ever increasing energy and much clearer thinking.  Along with improved mood, I have been feeling increasingly stronger, now feeling  that I am ready to take my business to a higher level and have made a commitment to achieve an ambitious goal by June 30, 2014.  I am working on a plan that sees self-care as the first thing on my daily to-do list and to gradually build momentum and monitor my progress.  The other thing I’ve done is to enlist my partner’s help with the daily household chores which have been my responsibility until now, so that I can focus on work.  The quagmire of PTSD and depression is disappearing. Looking forward to continuing my healing journey with you and the horses in the spring." ~ Dawn W., Kelowna, November 2013

From Unhappy and Paralyzed to Happy, Empowered and On Track:

"I'm very pleased to have Karin as my life coach for the past 6 months; she
was with me on my journey of self-discovery.  She helped me see what was
important to me.  She helped me realize how my unhappiness was of my own
doing, how my thoughts paralyzed me to move forward.  I gained a true
awareness of my emotions, body language and use of words as power.  I had to
work hard and she helped me stay on track, especially when I was distracted
from what is important to me.  I encourage you to take the time for yourself
and let Karin focus you, whether it be evaluating yourself or completing a
goal.  Ask her lots of questions; she has answers!" ~ Melanie K.

From Stuck in Mind Confusion to Intuitive, Calm and Clear:

"Karin's unique and intuitive approach to Life Coaching very quickly helped me to break through some mental barriers that I've been struggling with for some time, and reconnect with my own inner wisdom. Stuck in a mind trap of confusion, self-doubt and negative thinking, I'd had limited success with "traditional" counseling which focused on thinking through my issues, talking about my stress, and trying to convince myself to have more positive thoughts. I became discouraged as I tried to correct unhealthy thinking patterns with more thinking! It was clear that I needed a different tactic. Enter Karin, who encouraged me to become more aware of my emotions and physical feelings, and to listen to what they were trying to tell me. With her guidance, I found myself able to tune into my body's messages with new clarity, and quiet my mind. Making this switch from judgmental over-thinking to patiently and openly listening to my intuition and instincts was a tremendous step forward. Within a few sessions I went from feeling anxious and unsure what to do about some major life decisions, to calmly and confidently knowing the right path to follow. It is such a relief to have a renewed faith in myself, and a restored unity in my body, mind and spirit! I'm now looking forward to my next adventures with joy and anticipation. Thank you so much Karin, for sharing your gifts and wisdom!" ~ Claire B.

From Uncertain Boundaries to Clear, Strong Boundaries and Self-Awareness:

"My experience with Karin, Link and Rollie has deeply and positively impacted my outlook on life.  The moment I was around Link and Rollie I felt a shift in my confidence, self-trust and inner strength that I haven’t felt in a very long time. The horses have provided me with amazing insight into my journey and the importance of being aware, clear and consistent in setting boundaries. I was in awe at their ability to sense, process and reflect back to me absolutely everything I was feeling and provided me with such strength and an opportunity for learning just through their presence. Karin has such a bond with the horses and is able to quietly observe then ask questions that allow me to feel truly empowered in navigating my way through any issues always emphasizing self-awareness and reminding me that it is about being open to the possibilities and options I have available at any given moment.  Most important is that Karin, Link and Rollie have shown me the power of being present.  I will be continuing this incredible journey.  Thanks so much." ~ Karen B.

From Needing Insights to Feeling Affirmed, Connected and Healed:

"Karin's intuitive ability to connect with the horses while prompting me with subtlety of questions was insightful and affirming.  Her gentle, safe and clear approach demonstrated the method of Equine Facilitation to be such a powerful approach of release and healing.  I was mesmerized by these majestic animals who allowed me to "BE" in there presence.  The surroundings of nature and fresh air was a beautiful setting to experience this deep but playful connection." ~ Michelle Tremblay - Anti-Bullying Specialist/Speaker

From Suffering with Addiction, Anxiety and Anger to Authentic, Sober, and Happy:

"Working with Karin and her horses, Rollie and Link, has changed my life. Before meeting with Karin, I was a struggling addict. Because I am a mother of two young children I desperately wanted to stop using so as not to pass the life of addiction on. For years, I had been to various counsellors to combat this drug issue, however, nobody was effective like Karin.  As the sessions began we established my intent to

become 022sober. But by around the third session I was going back on my goal and telling myself it wasn't that big of a deal to use. Karin heard me out and then proceeded to explain to me how addiction works, reiterating my goal to me and telling me how I could do as I wished but that she thought it was important I accomplished this. It was difficult but after a few tears it came down to the fear I had of not being able to do it. I left that day with concrete goals of what I had to do to make sure I didn't use again. I went home and executed each goal on that list and have not used since. Not only that but in our subsequent sessions we delved into other issues I needed to work on to become more the person I wanted to be, such as, anger management, incorporating healthy recreation and dealing with anxiety.

The horses, Rollie and Link, offer a different aspect to the traditional therapy session. Connecting with them has a therapeutic quality and there is a lot to learn from them with respect to being contented in the moment. After having a one-on-one counsel with Karin, going out to work with them provides a wonderful balance.

The life goals I originally wanted with I first contacted Karin are being accomplished and for the first time in over 15 years I am truly happy as an authentic sober person. Karin has helped me along the way hearing my issues, validating my progress and guiding me through the work required to overcome these hurdles." ~ Amy, Kelowna, November 22, 2012


From Stuck in Trauma to Revealing Inner Truths and Bursting with New Insights:

"I am a proponent of overall health of the human body and through my work as a Registered Massage Therapist, I am aware of a vast array of alternative therapies.  Like any well informed individual, choosing a methodology to resolve what one thinks is at issue can sometimes produce a fascinating insight into ones life.  Such is the case during my session with Karin Bauer and Rollie  at Horse Journey. My intent was to resolve a latent trauma due to an injury on a horse, but my experience throughout the session helped to reveal significant habits, behaviors, perceptions and beliefs that define how I function in my world right now.  All this happened through the seemingly simple action of grooming Rollie.  We all make choices based on what we perceive and what we believe to be true.  Karin provides a unique skill  to reveal our inner truth by providing horses as unconditional mediums.  Through my interaction with Rollie and Karin, the end result, bursting with insights into my life, my truth,  and my personal state of affairs, proved to be far beyond my original intent.  Karin Bauer is a gifted Equine Facilitated Therapist and I would highly recommend her methodology if you are seeking a subtle way of revealing how you view the world." ~ Josie Fiorica, RMT, Kelowna, July 2013

From being Stuck to Clarifying Direction, Feeling Contentment and Satisfaction:

"Being an avid horse lover and owner, I was curious to know how Karin works with horses
to help us heal. It was amazing how the horses' movements symbolized many aspects
of my own life. It was like they were mirroring my current state of mind and thoughts. They clarified some of the emotions that were ”stuck” and reassured me that I’m headed in the right direction. I walked away with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction and some tools to continue moving forward." ~ Sue L., Phd Geography, Kelowna, Aug 2013


From High Anxiety, Afraid and No Control to being Relaxed, Confident and Able to Avoid Escalation:

“When I first started working with my two horses (both Spanish Mustangs, both were new to me) I was afraid. They were pushy and high headed. This created high anxiety within me and in the horses. I felt I had no control over either of us. When Karin worked with us, within a few sessions, both myself and my horses relaxed and became more confident. She showed me how to read the signs and act in a calm manner to avoid escalation in energy. Now I feel more confident and aware and my horses do too! It has made our lives so much easier and we are all happy too!”
~ Poppy P., Kelowna, May 20, 2013

From Relationship Dilemmas to Improved Teamwork, Boundaries, Leadership and Relaxation Tools:

"I didn’t realize what a unique experience I was going to have with Karin, Link and Rollie. From the start, OpenHouse3with the meditating and grounding of yourself to nature and your surroundings, you were able to open up your mind and body to receive the information you needed for your journey in life. Karin’s patience and intuitiveness to assess your needs and provide you with the things you need to think about and apply was amazing. Link and Rollie taught you about acknowledgement, affection, teamwork, boundaries, leadership and relaxation just to name a few. I have so many new tools to think about and try in my life. Thank you to my daughters for sending me on this wonderful opportunity to explore my life." ~ Yvonne W., West Kelowna, June 24, 2013

From Lack of Confidence and Anxiety to Confident and Calmer:

"My sons have both gained more confidence and are not so anxious in social situations as a result of working with Karin, Rollie and Link. It has been wonderful hearing them say that they love working with Karin and the horses and they always look forward to the sessions. You, Link and Rollie are gems, Karin! Luv ya!"
~ Sheila T., Kelowna, November 13, 2012

Heartwarming Empathy and Wisdom. Feeling Calmer and more Centered than felt in Ages:

“Despite the cold weather, the experience of watching you work with Rollie and see the demonstration of his innate empathy and wisdom, warmed my heart.  I must confess that after the group meditation and then “tuning in” with Rollie I felt calmer and more centered than I have felt in ages.  What you and your horses are doing is truly amazing!  Thank you for the opportunity to see your program in action.  I will definitely recommend you to my clients and their parents.  Also if you are doing any workshops in the future, I would be very interested.”
~ Mandy Tingey, Tanglewood Tutoring, Kelowna, April 14, 2012

Observed Visual, Positive Changes in Others through Interaction with the Horse:

“I enjoyed my visit and it was kind of the weather to cooperate with your demo.  Winston Churchill said: ”There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  I think your plan to integrate counselling with horse contact is very interesting and I think that your horses are quiet enough to allow strangers to approach them and benefit from just “feeling their vibe”.  I don’t know of anything more relaxing than grooming horses, it was interesting to see Larissa ‘let down’ during the time she spent with Rollie.”
~ Ralph Livingston, Professional Horse Trainer, - Kelowna, April 14, 2012

From Learning Disabilities and Anxiety to Confidence and Enjoying Life:

"My daughter Kyra is 12 years old and has been working with Karin Bauer over the past year on Natural Horsemanship. Kyra has a great love of horses and previously rode at a therapeutic riding farm. She struggles in her day to day life with learning disabilities and several anxiety related disorders. Initially her experience on the therapeutic farm was a positive one however it became clear that with the general busyness of the farm, volunteers and riders Kyra’s anxieties were becoming elevated. Despite many attempts by the staff to allay Kyra’s fears we could not find an approach that would give Kyra confidence and success to continue riding.

Karin’s work with Kyra has helped her to make an emotional connection with the horses and being able to read the horse’s mood has allowed her to work through and connect with her own anxieties. This has been a significant step forward for Kyra which has brought about confidence in her horse training work and personal life; she now believes that she can challenge herself and that she is capable of following through. Recently we have seen Kyra riding again, smiling and enjoying herself!

I would highly recommend Karin’s Equine Facilitated Learning Program for any child or youth struggling with life challenges or various learning disabilities." ~ Lorraine Dunlop, Kelowna, April 2012

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