Are you a Survivor?

This summer has been interesting to say the least. I've done lots of traveling, camping, riding, and self-care. I live in the country side and enjoy nature on my walks and jogs. I always pay attention to anything that I see on my outings, especially the animals, birds, and insects that cross my path. I sometimes read the symbols about certain animals that show up. I do believe animals come to us in certain times. While I have a very strong connection to horses (which are prey animals), I  found an unexpected connection with a very different kind of animal, a predator. Here is my story.

Strange Sight

Enjoying nature and summer.

Enjoying nature and summer.

Once on my daily 45-minute run I came across a strange sight. I saw a brown, furry animal by a fence hidden behind a bush. As I approached, I realized it was a coyote, and he was caught in the fence. At first I thought he was dead because he was motionless. I thought to myself, oh the poor thing, he got stuck in the fence and perished. However, as I came a little closer, a strange thing happened: He lifted his head! He looked at me with pleading, scared eyes!

Now I stood frozen in place. I noticed his right hind leg was caught on the top of the wire fence, and the rest of his body was hanging down, with his front feet on the ground. He could not get away, he could only wait, hope or die. It was gearing up to be another hot summer day. I knew he wouldn't last long. Coyotes aren't exactly liked up here because they, well, at times eat the wrong animals. If a farmer saw him, he would likely take a shot gun and put him down to protect his livestock. Even predatory animals have to deal with other predators. But this mighty coyote predator had just turned into a trapped, vulnerable, sitting duck.

What should I do?

Is the coyote a survivor?

Is the coyote a survivor?

I decided we all deserve a second chance no matter who we are. I called home on my cell phone and asked my partner to come with the car and a pair of wire cutters. Don't get me wrong, I have a healthy respect of wild animals: I had to overcome my concern for myself and of the coyote possibly biting me. My plan was to carefully climb to the other side of the fence, cut the wire and free him. And that's exactly what we did! The coyote seemed to know we were trying to help. Once we cut the wire off his leg, he scampered across the road with a limp and disappeared into the woods. I thanked my partner for the quick action and continued my run.


A few weeks passed and whenever I heard a coyote howl in the night, I thought about the coyote

Evening walk by sunset.

Evening walk by sunset.

we saved. Did he make it? Was he a survivor? Until my partner was on an evening walk and spotted a coyote which seemed to have a distinct limp on his right hind leg. Could it have been our coyote, the one we saved? What were the chances of seeing him again?

Symbolism of the Coyote

Paying attention to instinct.
Not everything is as it seems. Look beyond the obvious meaning. There is a paradox. Different perspectives.
Coyotes can be tricksters. They are cunning.
They have a sense of humor. They reveal a hidden wisdom. There is an initiation. When the coyote speaks to you it is an honor. There are many different meanings attributed to the coyote. The ones I listed appealed to me in that moment.

What I learned from this Experience

I do believe in Karma. And I do believe that we are all survivors. Despite everything, we can survive the most awful, scary, traumatizing ordeals. The spirit of life wants us to survive. Our inner voices may speak of doubts but our hearts will continue to beat for as long as it is possible. We need to look for the paradox and embrace different perspectives in order to grow and learn. When given these opportunities, we can choose to either ignore it, or take action!

Questions for further thought.

Did this story remind you of any experiences in your own life?
Could you relate to the dilemma faced?
Have you ever been in need of a pair of "wire cutters" metaphorically speaking?
Do you sometimes feel like the coyote?
Have you ever had to decide to overcome your fear or embrace your shadows?

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