New Inner Shifts are Coming! Are you ready?

As I'm writing articles this week I'm really having to think about what it is I want to say and why. I have many thoughts to share as lots of exciting things have been happening. Yet I really have a strong sense of wanting to stay away from old, familiar patterns. It is time for new shifts, growth steps and embracing our true inner power!

Equine Facilitated Therapy horse, Link.

Equine Facilitated Therapy horse, Link.

Messages from the horses...

The horses have been telling me this for a while now. I have gotten their messages in the Equine Assisted Sessions we've been facilitating that they are wanting to show their "other gifts" to me and our clients. Bit by bit we are letting the old familiar ways fall away and find ourselves providing the necessary space and support for our Equine Therapy clients' physical as well as emotional healing processes. And we've been noticing that our new coaching clients have been searching for us and are now discovering us from even further away places than before! Although I work with all people, kids and youth, especially women are coming to Horse Journey here in Kelowna with the intention of new discoveries about themselves.

For example, horse coaches Link and Rollie and I have been healing women's broken spirits and balancing bodies with physical manifestations of imbalance, such as stomach problems, leg injuries, cancer recovery, addiction recovery, and other physical and emotional blocks. There have been some amazing healing journeys revealed that the horses have initiated. Lately Rollie has especially been stepping forward and Link has been supporting him, or "holding the ground" meaning he has been next to Rollie or in the near background while Rollie has been working with clients. I'm always amazed in what happens. As I am witness to their work, and supporting in my human 'trained life coach and counselor' ways, their touching and heartfelt efforts have melted my heart and made me even more of a believer (if that's possible!) of our own healing capabilities, gifts and loving presence. Aaahhh.... what a wonderful, affirming experience!

I could give so many success stories and examples of what things have been happening here at Horse Journey... things that have sent goose bumps and chills (truth, recognition), made my skin tingle (excitement, hope) and my eyes water (empathy, joy) for my clients as they are interacting with horses Link and Rollie. Together, we have been helping clients explore their own exciting Horse Journey into their inner wisdom!

OpenHouse2I invite you to book your appointment soon and experience:

- a heartfelt Horse Journey in an Equine Facilitated therapy session for yourself!
- joyful relaxation and calmness of a meditation with the horses under our very special wellness tree!
- a wonder-filled retreat with horses for women!
- relax in the Journey House cabin, and revel in the views of the horses in front of the mountain and breathe a little deeper...!
It's time and space for yourself!

If you would like to explore Your Journey further…

Questions, or interested in experiencing “Healing with Horses”, Equine Facilitated Coaching and Personal Development sessions in Kelowna? Please contact Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW by calling 250-860-1964 or

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What others say about their experience at Horse Journey:

“I am a proponent of overall health of the human body and through my work as a Registered Massage Therapist, I am aware of a vast array of alternative therapies.  Like any well informed individual, choosing a methodology to resolve what one thinks is at issue can sometimes produce a fascinating insight into ones life.  Such is the case during my session with Karin Bauer and Rollie at Horse Journey.

My intent was to resolve a latent trauma due to an injury on a horse, but my experience throughout the session helped to reveal significant habits, behaviors, perceptions and beliefs that define how I function in my world right now.  All this happened through the seemingly simple action of grooming Rollie.  We all make choices based on what we perceive and what we believe to be true.

Karin provides a unique skill  to reveal our inner truth by providing horses as unconditional mediums.  Through my interaction with Rollie and Karin, the end result, bursting with insights into my life, my truth,  and my personal state of affairs, proved to be far beyond my original intent.  Karin Bauer is a gifted Equine Facilitated Therapist and Life Coach, I would highly recommend her methodology if you are seeking a subtle way of revealing how you view the world.” ~ Josie Fiorica, RMT, Kelowna, July 2013

Please contact Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW by calling 250-860-1964 or



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