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Karin Bauer, Life Coach

Karin Bauer, Life Coach

Hello, my name is Karin Bauer and I'm the owner and Life Coach at Horse Journey.

If you are interested in what we offer at Horse Journey,  it is highly recommended to book a 1.5 - hour Introductory Session. In this intro session you will experience the power of Equine Facilitated Therapy.

(If you are inquiring about apprenticeships, job shadowing, work/study/practicum programs, or volunteer work: Sorry, we do not have any such placements available. We do not have a large farm, so no help is required, thank you!)

(Also, if you are looking to re-home a horse, sorry we do not have room for any extra horses. We have all the horses we need, thank you!)

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Office Hours: Sorry, we are now closed for the winter season and will not offer Equine sessions again until spring of 2018. Please sign up to our newsletter for announcements and follow us on our Facebook page for updates. 


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